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Jess Bryden

Jess Bryden has now been working in the film industry, specializing in VFX, for almost 20 years. Since moving to Hawaii, 5 years ago, he has been writing/directing/ supervising non-stop and "EdgeFX Creative" is the next evolution step in his film career.

Robert Lucas
Robert Lucas Producer

Mr. Lucas is an award-winning documentary filmmaker (One For The Fire: The Legacy of Night of the Living Dead), a producer for independent projects (More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead, The Theatre Bizarre: Wet Dreams Segment, The Captured Bird: A film by Jovanka Vuckovic). Over the last 18 years Robert has been working in all facets of the entertainment industry for major Film/TV studios.

Matt Goldstein
Matt Goldstein Producer

Jesus Sifuentes
Jesus Sifuentes Producer/Film Financing/ Marketing

Mr. Sifuentes has 13 years in the film industry, working with actors such as, Ricardo Chavira, Danny Trejo, and Kuno Becker. As a Producer/Line Producer, Mr. Sifuentes has managed over $3,000,000.00 in production budgets in the last five years and has managed crews of 65 plus. He has also gotten distribution on 4 feature films and a documentary, which can be purchased/rented on REDBOX, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Best Buy, and Walmart.


A veteran of the cinema production industry, Connie is an accomplished Producer who has been branching out into independent films to great success. Her most recent project has just been accepted to screen at Comic Con in San Diego this year and "Second Hand Hearts", a feature length independent film which she produced has received accolades in the festival market

Zhelyaz Tomov
Zhelyaz Tomov Head Post Production/Editor

He is on of the founding members of EdgeFX and his main speciality and passion is narrative storytelling.

Jason Baldari
Jason Baldari Senior Motion Graphics Artist

As a senior motion graphics artist, Jason has a long history of working with advertising agencies.

Earl-Louis Williams
Earl-Louis Williams DP/Editor

Michael Romano
Michael Romano Colorist

Michael has been working on many film and commercials productions as a colorist and a DIT.